Gasper Erste, Community Associate, Regus Millennium Tower, Vienna


Meet Gasper Erste, Community Associate, Regus Millennium Tower, Vienna

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A problem-solving people person, Erste was drawn to a role as front of house for a buzzing flexible office space


Gasper Erste began his career in the hotel industry. He knew he was cut out for customer service but, after five years working for hotels, he wasn’t quite sure he was in the right place. “It felt like something was missing,” he says. “That’s when I learned about Regus.”

Originally from Slovenia, Erste made the move to Austria six years ago. His drive and passion for delivering excellent service made him a shoo-in for IWG – the world’s largest provider of flexible office space – and Erste began working for Regus, an IWG brand.

Millennium Tower, Vienna, Austria

The 29-year-old’s current home is Vienna, where he works as Community Associate for the Regus Centre in the capital’s Millennium Tower. He thrives on being in other people’s company, so acting as the first port of call for members of a flexible office space is ideal.

“I love the contact I get with the customers, being the first address for them if they need something,” he says. “There are people all around: you can go to them and talk a little, everybody is very open, which makes it a good environment to work in.”

What else does a Community Associate do? “My job involves taking care of our customers, being there for them every day and solving their problems,” says Erste. “We also take care of our external customers to make sure that their meeting or conference is a success – so there’s admin, IT and catering aspects to the role.

An office overlooking Vienna, Austria

“When potential customers come to the Regus Centre for a tour, we give them the information they need to make a good decision. Taking care of the Regus Centre is also very important, so that our customers feel good when they come in to work every day.”

And the challenging part of his role? Solving any issues for members as quickly as possible. “We are the channel between the customer and our colleagues, which has to be always open,” he says. “You have a big safety net – you can get advice from everybody in Regus. Nobody is alone, you just need to have courage to ask if there is anything you don’t know.”

Erste is driven by the satisfaction of a job well done, and the feeling that he’s making a difference to those around him: “What really matters to me is that I’ve given 150% to my work, so I can go home each day with a feeling that I’ve accomplished something.”


Would you get a buzz from working as a Community Associate for Regus?