Why flexspace is working for India

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At Workplace Trends Conclave India, IWG’s Country Manager Harsh Lambah is on hand to explain how flexspace is helping to transform business there


Thanks to the advantages of technology, flexible workspace is radically changing the labour landscape all around the world – and no more so than on the subcontinent, where it’s having a direct impact on new jobs in India and workplace wellness. Workplace Trends Conclave India is a series of televised talks set up to investigate this phenomenon in detail, and IWG’s Country Manager Harsh Lambah (and Conclave panellist) is part of it.

According to Lambah, the future of work in India – and its focus on accessibility, digitalisation and sustainability – comes from the top down. “The vision of the Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched quite a few initiatives like Start Up India and Make in India to provide for a platform of innovation and promote entrepreneurship across the country,” he says. Combined with other initiatives, the focus is on productivity as well as identifying sources of funding to award to previously overlooked businesses that are developing promising products and services.

The socioeconomic impact of digitisation and flexible working on new jobs in India cannot be underestimated. “This is a key focus for the present government, both at the central level as well as at state levels,” Lambah says. “Efforts are being made to widen the base of employment and create new job opportunities through new and emerging technologies and the availability of funding for entrepreneurs.”

As workplace trends are showing a more flexible way of doing business, India is well-placed as a destination that actively encourages entrepreneurship with a decidedly modern approach. It has enthusiastically adopted flexspace and the role it plays in helping businesses to thrive, believes Lambah. “Flexible-office space offers the opportunity to any segment and all industries and firms of any size to scale up or down and enter or leave new markets,” he says, “and IWG with its national footprint of 120 workspaces in 16 cities in India – including tier-two cities – is fueling this choice.” 

With so many big changes and new opportunities on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be doing business in the country. So what is it about flexspace – and IWG in particular – that has made it such an integral part of the workplace culture there? The digital world may have opened the doors but, in the end, it all comes down to the community it creates: “We strive to ensure that all our customers have a great day at work,” Lambah says. “We provide this by giving them a world-class platform to be part of a global community and support that with excellence in service though our great team of people.”


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