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How SMEs can maximise the flexible workspace market

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SMEs look to take advantage of flexible workspace solutions to fuel future growth


The rapid growth of the flexible workspace market has undoubtedly been one of the stand-out, disruptive features of global business in recent years.

The sector is growing by 13% a year, with up to 30% of companies worldwide due to be based in flexible workspaces by 2030.

The potential benefits to SMEs are numerous, not only in terms of keeping costs in line with flexible leases that still provide access to the best possible facilities, but also by allowing them to scale up and scale down as and when they need to.

Networking and business events also provide the opportunity to mingle, relax, and make new business contacts.

Joseph Wehbe, managing director of Sydney Listings, a real-estate company based at Sydney North Ryde, says being part of this flexible working mindset will help his business grow in the future.

“Regus has allowed massive savings and taken away many headaches that people running a business like mine would have to manage,” he explains. “For instance, my previous office was an old but large space, lacking with amenities. Now we have access to basic amenities, meeting rooms, internet, fridge, microwave and reception support, all included in our ‘rent’. I don’t know too many other real estate agencies using a serviced office like Regus, but for me it’s a no brainer.”

A major strength of Regus is its huge number of locations around the world.

Pyvot Technologies, based at IWG’s offices at 845 Third Avenue in New York, started out in 2009 as Innovations United and imports and distributes products from countries including Sweden and Japan to support scientists and engineers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Scott Silver of Pyvot Technologies says the ability to utilise Regus facilities in the locations of his choice has been a huge advantage. “Regus locations come in very handy when I travel,” he explains. “These become my base for the day or week. As I recently hired an employee located in Connecticut, we often meet at the Regus centres in West Hartford and New Haven.”

Over in Northern Ireland, The Venue Hunters is a venue-finding agency for meetings, training, conferences, private dining and accommodation. Based at the Regus site at the Belfast Cathedral Quarter, the setting gives founder Rachel Lowther the location and ideal base she needs to work with companies right across the UK and Irish Republic, all without committing to prohibitive rental costs.

“It has given me access to a great business address without the need to commit to a dedicated office,” she says. “At this stage in my business, and given the need for regular travel, it doesn’t make sense for me to commit to longer term office space. The Regus network enables me to work on the move, find, book and make use of communal and private spaces wherever I need to be.”

Utilising the very latest tech is essential for SMEs looking to succeed in the modern business world, and that’s been no different for lawyer Gerry McDonough who is based at the MA Cambridge – Alewife Station site.

“Regus community manager Kristen Vazquez has been a huge help to me,” he says. “The staff here are helpful to me while I am away, keeping me on top of mail that comes to my office, and the office technology allows me access to my business wherever I may be. The flexibility of being able to use meeting room space, for example, and high-speed printing and scanning only when I need it is a real cost-saver.”

Dr Nagd Farag operates Brighton Medical Aesthetics and is a cosmetic physician based at Melbourne 181 Bay Street – Brighton. “As a solo practitioner and not able to lease or rent big space, Regus offers a variety of space areas to suite different budgets,” she says. “I now focus and use all my energy on seeing and treating my clients, not worrying about all the other issues that I was not really trained to manage. The positive energy definitely impacts on my work satisfaction and my clients’ impression to take home.”


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